Training Band

We established our training band Bedale Bandits to encourage people of any age who are interested in playing a musical instrument to come and join us.  We currently have 15 members and we meet every Wednesday at Leeming Village Hall from 6.30 to 7.30 p.m.


We have a team of helpers including members of the Senior Band, and we often play alongside the Senior Band at concerts.  We play a mixture of popular songs as well as traditional music including The Wensleydale Suite, Eye of The Tiger, and Pirates of the Carribean.

Please get in touch and give it a try.  We have a range of instruments we can loan to you.  We just ask that you look after them and return them if choose to leave the band.

Our Training Band consists of:


Alison Stones,

Jake Blakeston,

Stanley Simpson,

Coco  Oldham

Max Robinson

Alto Sax

Dawn Mainprize



Roddie Newman ,

Shaun Donaghy,

Owen Simpson,

Martin Walker



Aimee Pointer,

Ruth Blakeston





Mark Alenius






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